Various debugging info not shown (

Alex alex at
Sun Oct 27 21:18:07 UTC 2013

OK, I found out why sessions wouldn't be resumed after 3600s in my 
testings... it's not that nginx would have stopped caching the session, 
but it's the client. For example, openssl wouldn't cache sessions for 
longer than two hours:

/ssl/t1_lib.c (same also for sslv3)

long tls1_default_timeout(void)
         /* 2 hours, the 24 hours mentioned in the TLSv1 spec
          * is way too long for http, the cache would over fill */

Oh well. rfc2246 states that cached sessions may be used for up to 24 
hours (

Curious how popular browsers such as Chrome or Firefox behave in this 

Anyhow, I am still not sure why the nginx debug data didn't show 
anything about session resumption in my case, but I guess I won't need 
the information now.

Thanks again.

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