minor misleading configure error-msg around PCRE

e1c1bac6253dc54a1e89ddc046585792 at posteo.net e1c1bac6253dc54a1e89ddc046585792 at posteo.net
Tue Oct 29 10:27:48 UTC 2013


./configure: error: the HTTP rewrite module requires the PCRE library.
You can either disable the module by using 
option, or install the PCRE library into the system, or build the PCRE 
statically from the source with nginx by using --with-pcre=<path> 

This happens when not having pcre, using --without-http_rewrite_module 
also --with-pcre as an option, like:
./configure --without-http_rewrite_module --with-pcre

For sure that's a stupid combination, but just happened in a very long, 
configure line here. FWIW, this was on OpenBSD 5.1.

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