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Wed Apr 2 17:21:53 UTC 2014

This is definitely working better now.  Thanks for letting me know about the
newer version.  I didn't notice the newer version because the order the
versions were appearing was backwards, but that appear to be corrected now.

Anyway, now that I've upgraded, I am running into a different issue.  I was
hoping you all could tell me if I'm missing something basic...

I am trying to run 2 instances of nginx on the same server.  They listen on
different ips, and I've verified the configs look perfect.  I can see the
process is only binding to tcp 80 and 443 on the one ip.  Then, when I go to
start the second nginx server, it fails with this:

Assertion failed: ngx_shared_sockets->pid==pid, file src/core/nginx.c, line

If I stop nginx instance 1 and start instance2, it starts fine, but when i
go and try to start instance 1 now, it then fails with the same error
message.  Is there something I'm missing here or is there perhaps an issue? 

These are being run from completely different directories and I can see they
are using the pid file in their corresponding directories so I don't expect
t's an issue like that.

Thanks for your help,


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