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Tue Apr 8 21:41:17 UTC 2014


Thanks so much for clarifying. Just to make sure I'm understanding
correctly, if I had something like this pseudo-code

upstream upstream1 { }
upstream upstream2 { }
upstream upstream3 { }
upstream upstream4 { }
upstream upstream5 { }

server { server_name; proxy_pass http://upstream1; }
server { server_name; proxy_pass http://upstream2; }
server { server_name; proxy_pass http://upstream3; }
server { server_name; proxy_pass http://upstream4; }
server { server_name; proxy_pass http://upstream5; }

There would only be performance degradation if the setup was:

server {
set $PROXY_TO 'upstream5';
proxy_pass http://$PROXY_TO;

Is that correct? And, if there was degradation, would it be limited to hosts
that server block was trying to serve or would it impact overall


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