RFC: Feasibility of a "dynamic module loader" built in to nginx?

trapni nginx-forum at nginx.us
Tue Apr 15 07:52:04 UTC 2014

Hey, I just found you via Google as I was trying to find out why ..... Nginx
is not supporting dynamic loading of modules, for the very obvious issues
the other posters seem to have too.

However, Maxim, you claim, that one reason is performance. While performance
of course matters, I'd like to know why you say so.
Can you please go a little bit more into the technical details why a dynamic
loaded module does not perform as well as a statically linked "module"?

Of course, a compiler could use global optimization techniques to perform
interprocedual optimizations, but I don't believe (yet), that the impact
shall be that high.
2nd) statically linked libraries speed up process bootup, but this is
neglect-able for a long-running process.
3rd) of course, at least for the core modules, they could use #ifdef's
inside the request structs and friends (just as you stated) in order to
further optimize resource (ie. memory) usage. 

So, I'm only interested in the performance arguments (not zero-downtime
upgrade,...), so I can understand a little better.

Many thanks in advance,

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