Req help convert apachi2 config to nginx

Varadharajan S rajanvaradhu at
Wed Apr 23 08:02:57 UTC 2014


In my organization, we are using Apache2 for serving diff web applications
such as mediawiki,moodle,redmine,svn,etc.Now we are decided to use Nginx
for the performance.but converting is a big head ache and even searched in
google and received lots of scripts (apache2nginx,...) but finally no luck.

*My environment is:*

Ubuntu-12.04 LTS
Nginx - 1.4.7-1+precise0

Note: Pls find enclosed one sample mediawiki apache2 virtual host file, can
you anybody help me to convert to nginx config file.if i get an idea, so
that i can try other config files. such as,

1).what are the modules need to be install and how to ?
2).Other settings such as php related settings.....?

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