How to directly return in filter

Jerry OELoo oyljerry at
Fri Aug 1 09:56:48 UTC 2014

Hi All:
I am developing a module in Nginx-1.6.0, Now My module work as a filter.

static ngx_int_t ngx_http_my_handler(ngx_http_request_t *r)
     return ngx_http_output_filter();
I use ngx_http_output_filter() to send the response to client.

Now I want to do some extra thing in my handler, I can get the url
from ngx_http_request_t, and I want just return some thing if request
URL is, but if request URL is, I do not want
my handler do anything, and just let client access page.

How can I achieve my aim. Thanks!


Rejoice,I Desire!

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