Any suggestions for active Ubuntu nginx-mainline repo?

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Thu Aug 7 20:13:38 UTC 2014

For a while I was quite happily using the ubuntu nginx ppa repo to get my
nginx mainline fix

However, for some weeks now, it seems to have become inactive and "stuck" on

I've tried emailing some of the names connected with it - either no
response, or "sorry, not involved any more".

I've even tried changing to utopic branch, ie:

deb utopic main
deb-src utopic main

but still 1.7.1. I've had a really good google around, but no luck. To be
honest, I'd love a mainline build of nginx-extras that includes google
pagespeed module. Yes, I know I could go down the road of compiling it all
myself, but I've always ended up with a bit of a mess!

Any pointers to nginx-extra Ubuntu repos bring the the 1.7.4 goodness would
be appreciated!

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