Multiple nginx instances share same proxy cache storage

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Mon Aug 11 09:37:36 UTC 2014

Robert Paprocki Wrote:
> like rsyncing the cache contents between nodes thus would not work);
> are there any recommendations to achieve such a solution?

I would imagine a proxy location directive and location tag;

shared memory pool1 = nginx allocated and managed
shared memory pool2 = socket or tcp pool on a caching server elsewhere

The problem you have is speed and concurrency of requests, rsyncing a cache
requires a specific tag which needs to be respected by each instance using
it or you will have a battle between instances.

A better idea would be a database with a persistent connection, in memory
cached again to avoid duplicate queries.
ea. use the database for a central repository of cached items and local
memory to avoid hitting the database more then once for each item. No
disk-IO would be involved so it should also be non-blocking.

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