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Thu Aug 14 07:14:51 UTC 2014

Francis Daly Wrote:
> Are there any plans or prospects to get the code changes merged into
> the
> "authoritative" source?

Highly unlikely, more then 2000 lines of new code, mayor changes to the
core, 3 integrated api's, I think Igor/Maxim will have a slight
hearth-attack evaluating nearly a year of re-development :)

> Failing that, are there any plans to mention this project on the nginx
> windows information page that was linked previously?

That is not up to me, nginx produce their own Windows version, you can't
expect them to 'support' other versions, especially since their focus is on

> Neither are necessary, of course, but right now searching for "windows
>" doesn't bring any obvious mention of this project. (It
> is there when searching for "windows nginx".)

99% of the other internet users start with Google :)

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