proxied requests hang when DNS response has wrong ident

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Mon Aug 18 13:15:40 UTC 2014

On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 2:45 PM, Jason Woods <devel at> wrote:

> There's the fear there are significant changes from 1.6 to 1.7 that may
> introduce other problems, and would need to go through some extensive
> testing before we can commit. Especially as the 1.6 is labelled "stable"
> and the 1.7 "mainline" (and not stable) - maybe these terms aren't meant to
> convey the meaning they appear to though. I'll start discussion about
> testing 1.7 though.

​That is a shared fear, I guess, since questioning about 'stable' comes
regularly on topic.
nginx guys regularly say you should not fear using 1.7 branch in
production, however these recent days have seen a lot of bugs popping up,
some of them which one could even consider critical (impacting availability
of the Web server). Definitely not what you want in production.

It seems the philosophy behind stable is 'no risk, few changes', thus
experimental stuff will only be backported after public release/testing on
1.7 branch.
Moreover, according to an answer brought 2 weeks ago
<,252312,252329#msg-252329>, SPDY-related
functionalities are not due in 1.6 branch. Maybe 1.8, once 1.7 will be
considered stable enough?

nginx problems do not come from basic well-tested/heavily-used core
functionalities (the ones you use to fulfil a basic Web server job). They
come from new abilities brought in, which might compromise the whole
*B. R.*
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