Bugfix: requests might hang if resolver was used [...]

Maxim Konovalov maxim at nginx.com
Tue Aug 26 13:18:26 UTC 2014

Hi Jason,

On 8/26/14 12:47 PM, Jason Woods wrote:
> Hi,
> Where do I need to ask if a bug fix will be treated as major and
> ported to the 1.6 feature stable branch?
> Specifically, the following is having a significant impact for us,
> and makes using resolver extremely unstable with proxy_pass and
> variables.
> *) Bugfix: requests might hang if resolver was used and a DNS server
>        returned a malformed response; the bug had appeared in 1.5.8.
> We're testing 1.7 mainline, but I would expect that due to existence
> and availability of 1.6, things like this would be fixed in that
> branch too, since it's still a "current" version?
We are working now on the another bugfix in the nginx resolver code
and will consider backporting these patches to 1.6.2 (ETA ~2 weeks).

Maxim Konovalov

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