Combining proxy_store and proxy_cache values !!

shahzaib shahzaib shahzaib.cb at
Wed Aug 27 12:21:44 UTC 2014


  I am using proxy_store on edge server to replicate mp4 files from origin
server when user request for the video file. The reason i am not using
proxy_cache is, when user seeks through the mp4 video,proxy_cache keeps on
downloading whole video file with different Keys if multiple users
accessing single video with different cache Keys i.e

The problem with proxy_store is, its not much flexible as proxy_cache has
different variables to adjust and most useful is proxy_cache_min_use.

I need proxy_store to check for requested file and if file is requested
first time it should be serve from origin server instead of downloading the
whole file. Can i use some option like proxy_cache_min_use for proxy_store
? If not, is there some other way for it ?

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