How do i get the request body ?

humank nginx-forum at
Thu Jan 2 04:44:24 UTC 2014

Hello guys,

        I'm developing a nginx module, the intent is to get the request
body, then write some response depends on what request body is.
        I've called the method ngx_http_read_client_request_body (r,

        Since this code, i want to get the real request body in
        Here are my codes ...

        void ngx_http_myModule_handler(ngx_http_request_t *r)
    ngx_http_finalize_request(r, NGX_DONE);
    if(!(r->request_body->bufs == NULL)){
        ngx_log_error(NGX_LOG_ERR, r->connection->log, 0, "request is not


     the questions is , how can i get the r->request_body->bufs to char * ?

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