How would nginx record client IP address under TCP Multipath?

Lukas Tribus luky-37 at
Fri Jan 3 01:43:10 UTC 2014


> Since iOS7 supports TCP Multipath now, I think more and more devices
> will start support it.

Not if the servers don't support it.

Apple pushed for a specific reason:
To avoid having a broken TCP session when the IP address of the handheld
changes, which would interrupt Apple's Siri.

But TCP multipath is still not supported by linux mainline and I don't
see efforts on linux-netdev to include it anytime soon. I understand there
is a maintained and uptodate patchset available, but that doesn't mean
it will be included in the kernel soon.

> But TCP Multipath allows many client IPs connected to the same server,
> suppose Nginx in this case, how would access_log record all of the IPs?

The application will always see the first IP, which connected to the server,
as per:



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