SSL behaviour with multiple server blocks for same port

Alex alex at
Thu Jan 23 14:54:58 UTC 2014

> On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 11:17:42AM +0000, Pankaj Mehta wrote:


> These blocks have different ssl certificates. I understand that if I enable
> SNI in nginx and the client supports it, then we have a predictable
> behaviour where nginx will use the correct ssl parameters from the server
> block corresponding to that hostname. But I have no idea which ssl config

One thing I became painfully aware of last time is that when you use
SSL-enabled server blocks with SNI, a listen directive from one block
may overwrite the listen directive from another one.

For example, when I have:

server {
	listen 443 ssl;



server {
	listen 443 ssl spdy;


Even though the listen directive for server block of does
not define SPDY, it accepts SPDY connections as well. In other words, if
you want to disable SPDY, you'd have to make sure that it doesn't appear
in any server block listen directive (assuming you're using SNI rather
than dedicated IPs).

I am not sure if this behavior can be avoided. nginx advertises spdy/2
via the NPN TLS extension. During the TLS handshake, would it be
possible to first parse the hostname the client is attempting to connect
(SNI), and only then decide whether to advertise SPDY via NPN or not
depending on the hostname's listen directive?


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