proxy_pass_header not working in 1.6.0

Robert Paprocki rpaprocki at
Tue Jul 1 08:25:39 UTC 2014

Can we move past passive aggressive posting to a public mailing list and
actually try to accomplish something?

The nginx docs indicate the following about proxy_pass_header

"Permits passing otherwise disabled header fields from a proxied server
to a client."

'otherwise disabled header fields' are documented as the following (from
proxy_hide_header docs):

By default, nginx does not pass the header fields “Date”, “Server”,
“X-Pad”, and “X-Accel-...” from the response of a proxied server to a

So I don't know why you would need to have proxy_pass_header
Cache-Control in the first place, since this wouldn't seem to be dropped
by default from the response of a proxied server to a client.

Have you tried downgrading back to 1.4.4 to confirm whatever problem
you're having doesn't exist within some other part of your
infrastructure that was potentially changed as part of your upgrade?

On 07/01/2014 01:09 AM, Jonathan Matthews wrote:
> On 1 Jul 2014 11:01, "Lucas Rolff" <lucas at
> <mailto:lucas at>> wrote:
>> So.. Where is the thing that states I can't use proxy_pass_header
> cache-control, or expires? :)))
> The proxy_hide_header and  proxy_pass_header reference docs.
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