Weird issue with relative links

Daniel Lintott daniel at
Tue Jul 8 11:09:57 UTC 2014


I am fairly new to nginx but appear to have it working well... along
with php-fpm.

Working on a PHP script that uses slash arguments I'm hitting an odd

I am able to retrieve the argument correctly and this works fine in the
script. Where my issue lies is with the links that are then displayed.

The script is at:

The filelist links on the page should are all relative. Testing on my
local Apache server, this works perfectly. The links are like this:

This is correct... the link includes the php script, slash argument and
the file name.

Now on nginx... it is returned different.. the links are missing the
first slash argument so appear as:

I have checked the values set by fastcgi, and these all appear to match
what Apache returns... so I'm stumped!

I know I can get around this by changing the links... but that isn't an
option as the page is later parsed by other scripts and should be
backwards compatible with the previous version.

Any help would be most welcome


Daniel Lintott

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