Is it possible to send html HEAD early (chunked)?

Martin Grotzke martin.grotzke at
Sun Jul 13 15:35:47 UTC 2014

Am 13.07.2014 15:40 schrieb "mex" <nginx-forum at>:
> sounds more like a custom solution that might be achieved using lua +

Ok, I haven't done anything with nginx+lua so far, need to check out what
can be done with lua. Can you give some direction how lua can be helpful

> from what i understand you have a "static" part that should get send
> early/from
> cache and a "dynamic" part that must wait for the backend?



> the only solution i could think of in such an asynchronous delivery
> is using nginx + lua, or maybe varnish (iirc you yould mark parts of a
> page cacheable, but dont know if you can deliver asynchronously though)
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> mex
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