Multiple sites under same domain with one app codebase

martyparish nginx-forum at
Fri Jul 18 16:08:42 UTC 2014

Thanks itpp2012

I was actually just experimenting with that approach! I was beginning to
have a bit of success too! Not quite there yet though.

	map $uri $site_folder {
	  #~^/(?P<folder>[a-zA-Z]+)/.* $folder;
	  ~^/(?P<folder>[a-z]+)/.* $folder;

I saw an example very similar(or same) as what you gave me on a wordpress
multi site page.

I think my regex is a bit messed up but I will keep on going down this
route. Looks very promising!!!

** I think my pcre is old, as I have to use the ?P syntax.

At one point, I was able to capture the folder name into the variable but
ONLY if there was no characters after the slash (

Thanks again! (to everyone)

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