Proxy_pass Directive !!

shahzaib shahzaib shahzaib.cb at
Sat Jul 19 09:23:49 UTC 2014

I am confused about the proxy_pass directive. Suppose, i need to serve an
mp4 file from Origin server and using proxy_pass directive in Edge server,
whose resources(I/o,bandwidth,Ram) will be used ? Edge or Origin ?
Following is the topology to server mp4 file :-

client (request mp4 file) --> edge(ip is so don't serve it locally
and forward it to origin) --> origin (serves the requested mp4 file).

Now, when origin serves that mp4 file, will the mp4 file first goes edge
server and than client is served via edge proxy ? Also mp4 is a big file
and i am curious to know whose HDD i/o will be used to serve this file ,
Edge/Origin ?

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