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> shahzaib1232 Wrote:
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> > Means, both server's i/o will be used if the requested file to
> > upstream is
> > 720p.mp4?
> Yes, what you're looking for is a way to client-rewrite the address the
> source is coming from.
> -> request xx.mp4 -> edge (I don't have that file) -> send
> client address of origin and tell client to re-initiate file request with
> origin address.
> How? don't ask me :)
Is there a legal problem doing that? Why the smiley?

An idea just popping out of my mind:
- To redirect the client to the origin server, a 302 answer will do, won't
- If you want to restrict access to the content server (and avoid clients
to directly request content there by storing its address without having
been redirected there by edge, for example when using load-balancing),
*before* redirecting the client, on the origin server, you might record
requests incoming from edge servers (trusted/whitelisted sources), pass the
client IP address with a X-Forwarded-For (name might not be exact) header
field and allow a time-limited session for that client.

All that looks like a CDN :o)
*B. R.*
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