Support for 3rd party zlib libraries

Richard Stanway r1ch+nginx at
Tue Jul 29 22:47:25 UTC 2014

> Well, I used to write a patch to enable IPP zlib (8.0) support in
> NGINX (enabled by ./configure --with-ipp-zlib), just for your
> reference:
Thank you for the patch. This solves the issue with streamed responses,
however when the "if (r->headers_out.content_length_n > 0)" branch is
taken, eg with static content, I still receive the 2nd alert type below.
The loop which reduces wbits and memlevel seems like it may need adjusting,
I will try to figure out the exact values but for now I commented it out to
avoid the alerts at the expense of some wasted memory.

014/07/29 17:40:00 [alert] 22854#0: *15 gzip filter failed to use
preallocated memory: 65536 of 34800
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