X-forward-for question

Larry nginx-forum at nginx.us
Tue May 6 09:00:30 UTC 2014


I plan to set up two servers for a training purpose : one frontend, one

I created a tcp server but I need to be sure of the idea :

Be F the frontend and B the backend.

when a client will make a request, it will hit F first (nginx + https
involved) then will ask B to process the query with adding a x-forward-for
header not to lose the real client ip and port.

Then my tcp server will retrieve those headers, then ask the script to
perform the database connection/query.. via fastcgi.

Then what should I do ? Should I just send a request back to nginxwith the
afformentioned headers and nginx will set it out properly and re-encrypt the
connection ?

I am a bit lost here but I need to improve myself on this field.


Is it how it works ?

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