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Thu May 8 13:56:07 UTC 2014

Thanks for your feedback itpp2012!

>> Very useful patch but the naming is not correct, . and .. or not your
typical hidden type, autoindex_show_dot_folders would make more sense.

You are right, the wording "hidden" is not really good here because "files"
starting with a 'dot' would only be hidden primarily on unix/linux type
system and not e.g: in windows. However since in linux terminology
everything is treated like files (e.g: device files, pipes, directories) I
think 'autoindex_show_dot_files' would make more sense than

>> And "if (ngx_de_name(&dir)[0] == '.') {" will exclude files which start
with a dot,
>> if (ngx_de_name(&dir) == '.') or (ngx_de_name(&dir) == '..') {, would be
better IMHO.

I wanted to target all "files" this way, including the file referencing to
the current directory ("./")as well as the parent directory ("../"). The
autoindex module would (without this patch) anyway add a html reference to
the parent directory.

Hence I took your advice and changed the text with a little twist by
changing the option text from "autoindex_show_hidden_files" to
"autoindex_show_dot_files" ;-) Hope this makes sense for you and everyone

I will post an update to this patch in the bug tracker.


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