Caching servers in Local ISPs !!

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> Hello,
>       We're running a high traffic website similar to Due to high bandwidth utilization over the network, we're in contact with the local ISP in order to put caching server to reduce bandwidth utilization for file streaming. Our main front end content servers (nginx) are located in U.S and we want to put caching servers in ASIA as most of the traffic is originating from asia.
> We've no idea how this caching would work. Would the caching servers will be configured and deployed by Local ISP ? or we're required to do some work with our application coding ?
> I know it is bit off topic on nginx forum. But this is the only forum that is intensively active and helpful.
> Please guide me a bit, i am new to this caching environment.

I think you would need to move your DNS to somebody like or (just of the top of my head, there are probably lots more) and use their geo-location feature.

That way, somebody with an IP from Asia will receive the  IP of your Asian server when it asks DNS about the IP of your domain-name.

Maybe somebody who has done this before can comment - I’ve looked into it, but never seriously.

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