Caching servers in Local ISPs !!

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Wed May 28 09:50:45 UTC 2014

shahzaib1232 Wrote:
> Thanks itpp. So according to you the more preferable way is
> non-caching
> replication of main content servers to local ISP servers and than run
> rsync
> periodically for replication. So if file not found in local ISP nginx,
> it
> should forward request to main content server using try_files method ?
> @itpp22, proxy_cache is eating too much memory and cpu on local testing.
> nginx process was using 1G of Ram and load-avg reached to 22, eventually
> local server got killed.

> Local server specs are : 8cores and 4G ram.

> Looks like proxy_cache will not be suitable method for 3000+ concerrent
> connections on local ISP caching server.

A HLD should have pointed that out :)
You should change your thinking what caching actually is, just because some
functionality is called 'caching' it doesn't mean anything else is not.

If exist do {
present local via local interfaces
} else {
present remote via remote interfaces

Another (none-nginx) process (provisioning) controls which remote components
flows to local (or is removed) via provisioning interfaces.

Look at something simple like a filesystem with replication, in it's basics
it's not a cache but more a glorified 2way rsync solution. However global
files are always local to be determined to which resource you are connecting
to, yet the filesystem doesn't need to cache much no matter how many files
it serves, which doesn't defer much from how nxing would work.

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