Etags and Load-balanced environmetn

Lau Buru lists at
Wed May 28 16:55:17 UTC 2014


I've got 3 NGinx servers running under a load balancer. I've got ETags
successfuly configured but the problem is that each server presents
different ETag tag for the same content:

  ETag: "531ee076-6b"
  ETag: "531edf6a-6b"
  ETag: "531ede5f-6b"
  ETag: "531edd4f-6b"

I've read that NGinx is using inode for calculating the ETag so it's
obvious that we will never get the same ETag for the same file in
different servers. I know I could get this if I use shared disk but this
is not an option for me.

I wonder if it's on schedule to implement FileEtag directive as exists
in Apache (,
this would solve these kind of problems.

Thanks a lot,
Lau Buru

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