Does nginx support openstack swift API?

Andy hewanxiang at
Thu May 29 11:04:46 UTC 2014

Hello guys,

I'm trying to find a way to use OpenStack SWIFT with nginx, the below are
request steps:

1. nginx is configured as proxy cache
2. client send a request to nginx for url:
3. nginx received the request and it is a cache miss, it need to fetch the
content from SWIFT proxy server
4. nginx send a request to swift proxy server for authentication, the url
looks like http://swift-proxy/auth-account, account information is set in
header, the response from swift proxy server contains a auth-token for that
account if authentication success.
5. then nginx use this auth-token and put it in a new request header, and
send the new request to the swift proxy server for the original request
content, there could be a map between client request url to the swift proxy
url, for example, /filename.txt --> /account/container/filename.txt, so the
new requst url could be http://swift-proxy/account/container/filename.txt,
plus the auth-token.
6. swift proxy sever response the content to nginx, then nginx cache the
content and pass the response to the client.

Could the above requirement be accomplished by some specific configuration
plus some existing nginx modules?

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