Issues with my galaxy server

Reinis Rozitis r at
Thu May 29 15:36:02 UTC 2014

> "The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable.  Please try 
> again later."
>  Can you provide me with insight?

The first thing would be to check what the actual HTTP error is (is it some 
5xx or 4xx etc) - some browsers (like IE also Chrome) tend to display a 
"userfriendly" page without actually telling what the error is so it's hard 
to help from technical aspect.

The second thing you should check are the error logs.
Usually there should be a reasonable (humanreadable) answer why a particular 
request has failed.

> Additionally, how can I confirm what version of Nginx I am using?  I have 
> it running on a linux server.

/path/to/nginx –v

or -V  to see what compile time options were added


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