Issues with my galaxy server

Iry Witham Iry.Witham at
Thu May 29 17:01:52 UTC 2014

I modified the proxy_read_timeout and that has resolved the issue.
Hopefully that will suffice until I upgrade.


On 5/29/14 12:16 PM, "Reinis Rozitis" <r at> wrote:

>> 2014/05/28 16:11:52 [error] 16146#0: *1604 upstream timed out (110:
>Connection timed out) while reading response header from upstream, client:
>, server: localhost, request: "GET
>eckboxes=false&webapp=galaxy&id=ddd269e1ed2f8b5e&page=1 HTTP/1.1",
>In general the backend (galaxy) server can't return the response in 60
>seconds (default timeout).
>You can either look at the backend (prefferably) or a quick workarround
>acceptable) would be to increase the proxy_read_timeout (
>) - eg look into nginx.conf and check if any timeout directives are
>and change or add them accordingly.
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