SSL Session Ticket Expiration

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Tue Nov 18 12:25:01 UTC 2014

in a blogpost[1] from tim taubert of firefox/mozilla - team he states, when
wanting to have PFS:
"The best you can do to provide forward secrecy to visitors is thus again
switch off 
session ticket support until a proper solution is available."

when using ssl_session_cache / ssl_session_timeout, because: 

"Just as Apache, Nginx should provide a configuration directive to allow
cache entries to be 
purged automatically after a certain time. Any entries not purged properly
could simply be read from 
memory by an attacker with full access to the server.

You guessed right, the ssl_session_timeout directive again only applies when
trying to resume a 
session at the beginning of a connection. Stale entries will not be removed
automatically after they time out."

What would be a temporary solution for this? a small ssl_session_cache?
nginx reload every 12 hours
to flush the ssl_session_cache? 

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