syslog files per server entry (Francis Daly)

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Fri Nov 28 14:50:23 UTC 2014

On Fri, Nov 28, 2014 at 02:00:32PM +0000, Ian Winter wrote:

Hi there,

> I understand that part, what I mean is separating the entries like you’d have with flat files, so if you had;
> domaina => log/domaina_access
> domainb => log/domainb_access
> That kind of setup, but, with syslog so it’s easier to identify where they’ve come from.

I'm afraid I don't fully follow what you are asking. (Or perhaps: I do
not understand what part of the already-given answer is unclear.)

access_log tells nginx to write to a place. You can have more than one
access_log, so you can have more than one place. One or more of the
places can be a file. One or more of the places can be a syslog:.

If a place is "syslog:", it is the appropriate syslogd that decides
where the lines are actually written, not nginx.

> Right now we have one nginx.access.log on the filesystem and a single stream to syslog just tagged nginx. Can you add multiple tags, or, do we need unique tags?

You have server, facility, severity, tag. Presumably you can tell
your syslogds to write messages to different files based on one or more
of those values.

It should be quite quick for you to test.

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