server_name within tcp server blocks

Charles Nnamdi Akalugwu cprenzberg at
Wed Dec 2 11:31:10 UTC 2015

Hi guys,

I have the following tcp server block in my nginx.conf

stream {
    upstream kafka_producer {

        server kafka.service.consul:9092;

    server {
        listen 9092;
        proxy_connect_timeout 10s;
        proxy_timeout 30s;
        proxy_pass kafka_producer;

I would like that my kafka tcp stream is accessible using only the address....just in the same way that it
works with http server blocks.

However I get the following error regarding the server_name:

*"server_name" directive is not allowed here in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf*

So who knows how I can simulate server_name within tcp server blocks?

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