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  I'd like to build a smtp Proxy with nginx (v1.8.0) and postfix (v2.9.6) on

Somehow I'm stuck with the following problem:

1) Configuration1:
    smtp_auth         login plain cram-md5;
    xclient               on;

    ==> a) My mail client can authenticate (IP:yy.yyy.yy.yy), send email and
receive email (imap) - even with tls
                 connect from[]
                 client=unknown[yy.yyy.yy.yy], sasl_method=XCLIENT,

            b) But no emails from others are received - obviously everybody
has to authenticate!!
2) Configuration2:
    smtp_auth         none;
    xclient               on;

    ==> creates an open relay!

In Postfix, I have set: smtpd_authorized_xclient_hosts =  

What I'd like to achive is the current postfix behaviour:
1) Receive emails from every Sender
2) Only authorized users can send emails from outside the Network

Help is appreciated... I found bits and pieces in the Forum and other places
- but nothing seems to be consistent...


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