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Bonjour Alt,

Thx a lot .... But, I might mistaken ... 
My  nginx is already working, as already been compiled with a certain 
number of modules ... I do not want to break something ...
If I am doing what you said ... It might happen no ?


Le mercredi 23 décembre 2015 à 18:47:18, vous écriviez :

> Hello Thierry,

> Here's a quick howto build a nginx debian package, I hope it's clear and
> that I'm not making mistakes.

> First, you need to get the source of nginx and others files to build the
> package. You can probably do something like "apt-get source nginx", but I
> prefer to go on this page: and
> manually download the 3 files on the right.
> Something like "wget

> Then, you uncompress everything with: "dpkg-source -x nginx_1.6.2-5.dsc"

> Then "cd nginx_1.6.2-5"

> Here, you will have to do something to add ModSecurity. Normally, you add a
> 3rd party module by adding something like
> "--add-module=full/path/to/the/module-source" in the "debian/rules" file
> (where there are others parameters like "--with-ipv6" or
> "--with-http_ssl_module").
> Check the "debian/rules" and add your parameter only to the flavor you will
> use (full, light,...). Or add the parameter for each of them if you are not
> sure.
> I don't know if ModSecurity need something special.

> Last step, execute: "dpkg-buildpackage -B -uc" to compile everything and
> build the ".deb" packages. Note that you will get several of them: full,
> extras, light, with or without debug,... (regarding this flavors, see
> previous step: where you added the parameter).

> Then install your newly created package with: "dpkg -i
> nginx-THE-FLAVOR-YOU-WANT.deb"

> PS: I'm really sorry if there are some mistakes (maybe in the filenames?), I
> just wrote the instructions from memory.

> PS2: I suggest you first do all this steps, without the one regarding
> ModSecurity (so without editing "debian/rules"), just to be sure everything
> goes well.

> Best Regards.

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