catching 408 response from upstream server

shmulik nginx-forum at
Tue Feb 10 07:35:03 UTC 2015

I'm using nginx as reversed proxy, using the proxy module.
Whenever i get a response code >= 400 from the upstream server, i'm
redirecting the client to a different url.

This is the configuration i use (simplified):

        location ~ "^/proxy/host_(.*)/fallback_(.*)" {

            proxy_pass http://$1;

            proxy_intercept_errors on;     
            error_page 404 408 500 http://$2;

However, i've noticed that when the upstream server responds with 408
response code, nginx does not send a redirect.
Instead it terminates the connection to the client.

Is this the intended behavior?
Is there any way around it?
I'd like to be able to intercept 408 responses as well and redirect them.
Any alternative suggestions to implement it are very welcome.

Thanks in advance,

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