Google dumps SPDY in favour of HTTP/2, any plans for nginx?

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Tue Feb 10 23:25:09 UTC 2015

Google dumps SPDY in favour of HTTP/2, any plans ore roadmap for HTTP/2 in


"HTTP is the fundamental networking protocol that powers the web. The
majority of sites use version 1.1 of HTTP, which was defined in 1999 with
RFC2616. A lot has changed on the web since then, and a new version of the
protocol named HTTP/2 is well on the road to standardization. We plan to
gradually roll out support for HTTP/2 in Chrome 40 in the upcoming weeks.

HTTP/2’s primary changes from HTTP/1.1 focus on improved performance. Some
key features such as multiplexing, header compression, prioritization and
protocol negotiation evolved from work done in an earlier open, but
non-standard protocol named SPDY. Chrome has supported SPDY since Chrome 6,
but since most of the benefits are present in HTTP/2, it’s time to say
goodbye. We plan to remove support for SPDY in early 2016, and to also
remove support for the TLS extension named NPN in favor of ALPN in Chrome at
the same time. Server developers are strongly encouraged to move to HTTP/2
and ALPN."



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