catching 408 response from upstream server

shmulik nginx-forum at
Wed Feb 11 20:33:44 UTC 2015

Thank you.
As i wrote in reply to B. R., i'm trying to catch an 408 response from an
upstream server, and turn it into a 302 redirect.
Since the upstream is the one answering with 408, i cannot control its logic
by tweaking Nginx configuration.

In my scenario, the client is "fast enough", as Nginx accepts its request
and sends a request to the upstream.
So theoretically Ngnix should consider the client "fast enough" to answer to

So i still believe it should be valid to intercept this 408 response from
upstream and turn in into a different response toward the client (302 in my

Still, i accept the fact that my logic might be wrong, and i'm open to hear
alternative reasoning.


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