Redirecting existing links to a sub-folder to a new subdomain

Francis Daly francis at
Sun Feb 22 15:47:36 UTC 2015

On Sun, Feb 22, 2015 at 03:30:58AM -0500, codecowboy wrote:

Hi there,

> If I want to transform links from
> to
> where subdomain has the same
> name as the subfolder, do I need a rewrite or a redirect? I *think* I need a
> redirect but want to be sure I am doing it the recommended way.

You need to issue a http redirect.

You can do that using the nginx directive "rewrite" or the nginx directive
"redirect" (among other ways).

> I tried "rewrite /sub-folder-name/(.*)
> $scheme://$1 permanent;"

That can work, depending on where exactly it is written.

> But this didn't seem to have any effect after restarting nginx.

What do the logs show? "Nothing" suggest one kind of fix; "something"
suggests another, depending on what the "something" is.

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