nginx fails to start - nginx.service not found

Konstantin Pavlov thresh at
Fri Mar 20 09:16:51 UTC 2015


On 20/03/2015 01:08, tunist wrote:
> i just built the latest mainline nginx from source on fedora 21 (64bit) and
> when i run: service nginx start
> i see:
> Redirecting to /bin/systemctl start  nginx.service
> Failed to start nginx.service: Unit nginx.service failed to load: No such
> file or directory.
> i've searched around online and so far found no-one else reporting the same
> issue. 
> i think i have fixed this before on another installation in the past.. but
> presently i'm not sure what the resolutioin is - can anyone help?

Nginx source code does not contain a service file for systemd.  You're
free to re-use the one shipped in the official packages available on

Also, it might be worth rebuilding an official source rpm package - the
fedora systemd support is in there, it's just we don't build those
packages specifically for fedora linux.

Konstantin Pavlov

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