Chrome says both HTTP/2 and SPDY being used?

Andrew Hutchings ahutchings at
Fri Oct 9 08:52:19 UTC 2015

Hi Jacob,

As far as I can tell only the from-local-cache elements are showing as
SPDY. Flushing the browser cache shows everything as h2. So I guess it
is an internal Chrome thing.

Kind Regards

On 09/10/15 08:55, jshare wrote:
> I always compile nginx from source. I upgraded to 1.9.5 by including the
> http2 module and not the spdy module, made the simple http2 change to my
> conf while removing all spdy-related declarations ,and HTTP/2 is now
> working. Sweet.
> However, when I use Chrome to inspect pages on my site at
>, I can see that some of my files are served using H2
> while others are served using spdy. Why isn't it all just over H2?
> Is this normal?
> Thanks
> Jacob
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