nginx/1.9.9 with modsecurity/2.9.0 crashes with segfault and worker process exited on signal 11

Rainer Duffner rainer at
Sun Jan 10 13:46:22 UTC 2016

> Am 10.01.2016 um 14:39 schrieb Lukas <l at>:
> Dear all
> Fascinated by nginx, I attempted to integrate it with modsecurity.
> Unfortunately, ever when modsecurity is enabled, nginx reports a
> sefault in sysmessages.
> Searching the web did not reveal any solution, i.e. I switched off
> SecAudit* and even started modsecurity without rules -- it continued
> crashing.
> Thank you for any hint on solving this issue.
> Please find next information related to my setup including some logs.

By chance, I tried to get this to work just yesterday and also got only SIGSEGV from it.
(nginx 1.8, FreeBSD 10.1-amd64, ap22-mod_security-2.9.0, all from my own repository)

I found this:

So, you need to set

proxy_force_ranges on; 

in the location you want to protect with mod_security.

It didn’t segfault any more after this - but I haven’t had time to check how well it actually works.


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