Windows Nginx Network Sharing (Mapped Hard Drive) Issue

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Mon Jan 18 13:54:42 UTC 2016

So i have two machines in different locations.

Web server is C:/

Storage Server is Z:/ (This one is the external mapped hard drive)

Now when you upload files to nginx especialy large files in my tests 2GB.
Nginx then pushes the file from the temp location to the Z drive, The issue
with this is it locks up and stops serving traffic until it finishes pushing
the file onto the storage server. So if i was to try and get Nginx to
respond to any connection or request it will sit in the connecting state
until the file has been pushed onto the external machine.

Picture on network connection below. Shows the Internal network connection
"Local area connection 2" using 12% bandwidth pushing the file to the mapped
hard drive. And throughout the entire time it is doing this "Local area
connection" (That would serve internet traffic) Stops until the file is on
the mapped hard drive.

I have also tried the following setting. "client_body_temp_path
Z:/nginx/temp/client_body_temp;" But has the exact same result. Nginx config
is completely default other than obviously the "client_max_body_size 2G;".

Nginx Builds i use are

Screenshot to be helpful :

Any help would be much appreciated i get the feeling this is a completely
unique issue but maybe if anyone else is running tests or using a similar
setup they can let me know if they have the same problem.

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