HTTP/2 max header size

Shengtuo Hu h1994st at
Tue Jan 26 07:14:04 UTC 2016


I was using "nghttp" command line tool to test NGINX. I enabled
"continuation" option in "nghttp" command line tool, which filled the
HEADERS frame with a very large header field/value. Then I got an GOAWAY
frame with error code of "ENHANCE_YOUR_CALM(0x0b)". Then I checked the
debug log file of the server, and found "client exceeded
http2_max_header_size limit while processing HTTP/2 connection".

May I know the consideration about this limitation? For a client, it may
not be able to know the precise value of "http2_max_header_size". Once a
client gets this error, how can it recover from it or request the resource


Shengtuo Hu
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