Nginx Slow download over 1Gbps load !!

Reinis Rozitis r at
Sun Jan 31 17:33:19 UTC 2016

This is a bit out of scope of nginx but ..

> could be network issue or LACP issue but doesn't looks like it is

How did you determine this?
Can you generate more than 1 Gbps (without nginx)?

> 12 x 3TB SATA Raid-10 (HBA LSI-9211)
> ZFS FileSystem with 18TB usable space

> Please i need guidance to handle with this problem, i am sure that some 
> value needs to tweak.

What's the output of zpool iostat (and the overal zpool/zfs configuration)?

Also do you have ZFS on top of hardware raid ?

In general just 12 SATA disks won't have a lot of IOps (especially random 
read) unless it all hits ZFS Arc (can/should be monitored), even more if 
there is a hardware raid underneath (in your place would flash the HBA with 
IT firmware so you get plain jbods managed by ZFS).


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