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Łukasz Tasz lukasz at
Thu Sep 1 11:34:39 UTC 2016

Hi all,
since some time I'm using nginx as reverse proxy with caching for serving
images files.
looks pretty good since proxy is located per each location.

but I noticed problematic behaviour, when cache is empty, and there will
pop-up a lot of requests at the same time, nginx don't understand that all
request are same, and will fetch from upstream only onece and serve it to
the rest, but all requests are handovered to upstream.
side effects?
- upstream server limit rate since there is to much connections to one
- in some cases there are issues with temp - not enough space to finish all

any ideas?
is it known problem?

I know that problem can be solved with warming up caches, but since there
is a lot of locations, I would like to keep it transparent.


Łukasz Tasz
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