limit-req and greedy UAs

Grant emailgrant at
Sun Sep 11 17:22:24 UTC 2016

> I suspect you are referring to the countless variations on the favicon, with Apple being the worst offender since they have many "touch" files. Android has them too. Just make the files.

I disagree but maybe because of my webmastering style.  I don't know
what more of these files will show up in the future and I want to be
as hands-off as possible to save time.

> Clearly Apple has no respect for the webmaster. But Microsoft has gone one step beyond that, requiring some sort of XML file.
> There are many schemes to keep these files out of your logs.
> I look at my logs with scripts, so I haven't bothered to do this, but it is probably good advice.

I don't think not logging those requests is a good idea unless you
need the disk space.

> Are there other files browsers request?

Today: I don't know.  Tomorrow: nobody knows.

- Grant

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