How to disable request pipelining on nginx upstream

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> Can you please confirm, if no new request is sent to the upstream before
> the
> entire response is received for the ongoing request (ongoing request
> finished)?
> In other words, is possible that upstream module sends the next request to
> upstream server while there is still response bytes being received from
> upstream on a current request?

​AFAIK, 2 different requests are served separately, meaning you can have
some requests sent when some other is being responded to.

If you talk about the same request, then it is only sent to the next
upstream server when there is an 'unsuccessful attempt' at communicating
with the current upstream server. What defines this is told by the
*_next_upstream directives of the pertinent modules (for example
That means that, by nature, there is no response coming back when the
request is tried on the next server.
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