listen proxy_protocol and rewrite redirect scheme

Francis Daly francis at
Sat Sep 17 12:10:31 UTC 2016

On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 02:36:31AM -0400, adrhc wrote:

Hi there,

> yep, that's exactly my problem:
> "... but that will not help internally-generated things like the
> trailing-slash redirect for directories."
> I'll check your solution though I'm very open for other too :D

If you care only about the internally-generated trailing-slash redirects,
then you could try to add something like (lifted from a parallel thread)

  if (-d $request_filename) {
    rewrite [^/]$ https://$host$uri/ permanent;

into places where the trailing-slash redirect might happen.

If there are any other http-not-https redirections that you see, possibly
they could be investigated as they arise.

At least, that would avoid you patching the source.


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